September 24, 2018 Theresa Vo

Our 2019 Media Kits are here and we’re here to help you reach a wider audience!

With over 40 years in the business, our expertise and customer loyalty run deep. Our readers trust our timely, relevant, and accurate content to help them stay on the right side of the law, keep up-to-date with trends, technology, and safety regulations, and more.

Our 2019 Media Kits break down the demographics of our target audiences while presenting you with a wide variety of programs, events, and many other opportunities to showcase your brand. Through the information provided in the media kits, your organization can explore the many ways that we can meet your advertising needs.

Below is a brief overview of some of the things that you can look for in our 2019 Media Kits:

E-Newsletters: With the Daily Advisors, readers can explore the various topics on the latest news on trends, technology, safety, and content from our partners. The e-newsletters reach a focused audience through sponsored content.

  • HR Daily Advisor
  • EHS Daily Advisor
  • Recruiting Daily Advisor
  • Learning & Development Daily Advisor
  • Total Security Daily Advisor
  • Marketing Daily Advisor
  • Facilities Management Daily Advisor

Sponsored & Advertising Programs: Let us do all the work! With multiple sponsored programs, we can extend your brand reach to our audiences of dedicated decision-makers. Our programs provide you with unique opportunities to showcase your brand to BLR Media’s trusted audience.

  • Podcast Sponsorships
  • Sponsored Webcasts
  • Best Practice White Paper Sponsorship
  • Sponsored Research: Surveys and Reports
  • Sponsored Video Program
  • Sponsored Pop Quiz Program
  • Live Events Sponsorship
  • E-Newsletter Placements
  • Website Opportunities

Event Advertising: The 2019 Media Kits break down attendee demographics to give you the full scope of our audiences that you will connect with. Our conference sponsor partners and exhibitors benefit from a high-impact, exclusive-exposure campaign that keeps your brand top-of-mind for decision-makers. We’ll design a package to fit your business needs—from lead generation to brand awareness to thought leadership—so you see immediate ROI!

Upcoming 2019 Events:

  • TalentCon
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium
  • RecruitCon
  • HR Comply
  • Safety Culture
  • CAL/OSHA Summit
  • Workforce L&D
  • Safety Summit
  • HR World
  • Forum Events

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