February 4, 2016 Michelle DeFrancesco

This year’s Safety Summit is our strongest program yet, led by the industry’s top experts on workplace safety management and compliance! April 4-6, 2016- Austin Texas

Looking to sponsor this unparalleled event? Let us do the work of bringing top safety decision makers to you!

The 3rd Annual BLR Safety Summit is a powerful conference crafted for professionals who have the critical responsibility of improving and sustaining the health and safety of their workplace.

Employees depend on safety managers, risk managers, and EHS professionals to create a culture of security and to protect their welfare while on the job. This event will give you the opportunity as a sponsor to offer tools and strategies needed to expand skill sets and enhance each safety professional’s authority on safety management.

To reserve your sponsorship now, or to request more information about this event, please contact Ryan Vincent at rvincent@blr.com