New Podcast for Security Professionals

August 3, 2018
August 3, 2018 Kyle Emshwiller

Brentwood, Tennessee (July 9, 2018)– BLR Media excited to announce a new addition to the Total Security Daily Advisor—the Access Control podcast!

Access Control is a podcast dealing with all aspects of business and organizational security, from the parking lot to the network.

On each episode, our host discusses emerging legal and regulatory requirements along with other security issues and best practices with industry experts and thought leaders.

Access Control covers a wide range of topics from workplace violence, cybersecurity policy and training, facility security, and much more.

The first episode, Cyber and Operational Security Integration, Part 1, was recorded by Christopher Douyard at the Total Security Summit this past June in Plano, TX.

Interested in being featured on Access Control podcast? Contact Chris Douyard.

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