January 6, 2021 Theresa Vo

The healthcare industry has experienced rapid change in 2020. This year has not only presented a new set of challenges for hospitals and health systems but also led to growth and new opportunities in technology. Simultaneously, demand has increased to provide crucial data to healthcare executives to help them make timely strategic decisions.

In response to these changes, HealthLeaders is excited to announce the launch of a new e-newsletter publication delivering weekly news and analysis in technology.

“Healthcare IT plays an essential role in delivering the resources and solutions required to meet the needs of all stakeholders in a hospital or health system,” says Erika Randall, Content Manager at HealthLeaders.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic and the explosive growth of telehealth, IT and technology leaders played an important role in deploying new approaches to provide quality care. This includes artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, and other technologies, all while handling increasing IT challenges such as interoperability, data security, and privacy issues.

Randall adds, “While providers are working hard on the front lines, there are tremendous efforts happening behind the scenes to provide them with the tools they need to deliver care in new ways. The advancements in healthcare technology are one of the triumphs of the pandemic.”

The editorial team at HealthLeaders is committed to keeping executives informed about developments and trends in the healthcare industry. In September 2020, we launched a bimonthly e-newsletter, Telehealth, in response to rapid innovation and implementation of telemedicine and connected health initiatives.

“We hope that by sharing this information, we can connect our readers to the people and resources that matter, putting them in a better position to accelerate their strategic initiatives,” says Randall.

Our new technology e-newsletter is focused on sharing success stories from hospitals and health systems, as well as exposing healthcare executives to emerging technologies. To learn more about the technology e-newsletter and other HealthLeaders publications, visit https://interactive.healthleadersmedia.com/subscribe.