November 22, 2013 Amanda Hurlburt

The folks over at London-based design studio, Vitamins came up with an amazing solution to a problem that we all have: organizing and updating calendars. Here at BLR Media, whether we’re managing schedules or planning campaigns, we rely heavily on calendars. That’s why we were so impressed to see this LEGO solution that is tactile, visual, and surprise…online ready.

We’re already big fans of the LEGO Group. Their U.S. headquarters is only about an hour away from our Connecticut office, and their HR group was mentioned in one of our recent sponsored articles here.

For Vitamins, the LEGO bricks show project (by color) and periods of time (each brick represents half a day of time). When the calendar is updated with LEGO bricks, it can be easily captured with a photo and distributed to employees. Vitamin’s software scans the image and translates it into calendar information that syncs with google calendar.

That’s pretty cool.

The best part is that Vitamins plans to release their programming code so that soon other businesses can use this same idea. Find out more about Vitamins here.